Fed up of diets that don't work? 


We all know that diets which are in any way unusual only help us lose weight while we stick to them. Once we stop we tend to go back to our bad habits and pile the weight on again! How many times have you heard that phrase "diets don’t work!"


Well healthy, sensible eating does work and the easiest way to change your eating habits to sensible, normal, healthy eating habits is through hypnosis.


Here’s what Wendy Townsend from Halifax says: " After just one session I had cut out the snacks completely and started walking regularly and using my wii for extra exercise. I’d recommend this to anyone. I’m quite competitive so the balance games and aerobics are fun – and I use the yoga too."


And Michelle of Leeds: "I had got into the habit of being too busy to eat breakfast, missing meals then eating crisps and pastries. After my first session I took back control of my eating habits and started exercising and lost 10lbs by my second session!"



In fact my UNIQUE HYPNOSIS techniques make it so easy that when you leave you will have a whole new outlook on healthy eating and weight control . . . at last YOU WILL FEEL FULLY IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN HABITS!

There will be no feelings of deprivation and no feelings of sacrifice. Instead you will have an overwhelming desire to enjoy nutritional, satisfying and delicious foods without ever dieting again.

By using a powerful, effective combination of nutritional therapy, hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming, I can address all your problems by communicating with the unconscious mind. This is where all our habits and beliefs are formed . . . so this is the long term answer to PERMANENT WEIGHT CONTROL AND IMPROVED HEALTH AND FITNESS.

After your personally-tailored programme you can forget the word "diet" and enjoy a healthy well balanced approach to eating without worrying about weight gain.


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