Alaine from Manchester

Alaine came over from Manchester to see Julie after her brother and husband both successfully stopped smoking:


Dear Julie,

I would like to thank you for the session we had on food and image. I was literally addicted to sweets when I walked in and was eating a lot of cakes and crisps. My main concern was the damage I was doing to my health in the long-term and the sugar highs and lows I kept experiencing! I know I did a lot of emotional eating and couldn't seem to say no to goodies!

However since our session I have changed my eating habits for good. We no longer have cakes in the fridge and it does not bother me at all – it doesn't cross my mind to even buy them. I also say no to the big pile of sweets we have at work all the time now. I still have the odd treat but I feel like I do it by choice rather than need - when I get stressed or bored I tend to reach for my bottle of water than the bag of sweets and am eating much more fruit and vegetables.

I think long term I will be so glad I did this. Even in the short term feel much better for not having the sugar highs and lows all day long from constant snacking.

Thank you



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