Hi Julie

Just thought I would send you an email to let you know how things are going etc.

In a word... 'wonderful'!

My daughters want to know who I am and what have you done with the old mum.

To cover the last session first if I may - this was the one where we tried to sort out my eating habits and break some cravings. Well it has taken VERY well. I just don't fancy some stuff any more. My best friend is now water (even though it can be expected in this heat) and I more often than not want a bowl of salad for lunch (and a small one at that) and feel horrid if I do overindulge. So I have a quick 'tap' to forgive myself and on I go. Early days yet but I feel very optimistic.

My previous sessions regarding my anxiety and fear concerning loud/unpleasant noises had bedded in very nicely too. I am no longer afraid and am a lot more comfortable in my own home. Having to have open windows in a street with fractious young children has been a test but I have passed with flying colours. I wish I could explain to others how it feels or in fact how it doesn't feel - it really does feel like you have switched certain buttons off and turned some on. I find it very easy to look upon stress now objectively and can easily help myself feel better quickly.


I recommend the use of tapping and it is another mind quiz as it were... I don't know how it works (well now I do because I have read up on it) but it does.


I found the other day I had my old 'flippy tummy' after putting up with a furniture throwing row from next door.. I tapped a few times but it didn't really shift - then I realised I wasn't afraid or anxious about it. I was tapping the WRONG feeling! I was so used to feeling that way I immediately went for that. Once I realised I was just a little worried for each of them (as I know they are both as bad as each-other next door) I tapped to move the worry on. It worked and then I sent them a little prayer/blessing too to help smooth the atmosphere. What a difference from the old me! Who would be fractious, jittery and unable to sit still. The old me would have taken days to calm herself.. now I am totally back to normal within hours if not minutes. That was a real test - also passed with merits!

Thank you Julie, I know noise issues was a bit different from the norm but you sorted me out beautifully. I really appreciate your help and your wisdom too. You have really made a difference to me and I know my family can really see the difference. I now know that it is silly to keep battling your head - sometimes it gets in a muddle and you are just the person to sort it!


Thanks again Julie - I will keep in touch if that's okay.

Amanda xx


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