Averil Brown diary

Averil Brown lives with her husband in Stanley, near Wakefield. Now in her early 60s, Averil has raised two children of her own and looks after her grandchildren. She has one all day and takes the other to and from school while their mum goes out to work.


She fitted her first two hypnotherapy sessions into the Easter holidays and her third will be in the May school holidays. She keeps Julie up to date with her progress by e-mail and is happy to share her comments here:


27th April 2009


Hi Julie, I am down to 14st now I have lost 7lb in total. I took on board what you said about it not being a diet and started eating more meat, fish and veg at two of my meals. Still having my porridge with almonds and cinnamon. And it is still only three weeks since I first came to you. So glad I did.


My son just came down, put a pork pie in the microwave and it did not bother me one bit. Before I would smell it and have to have it!


Bye for now



29th April 2009

Hi Julie, I am so excited today, I have lost another 1lb but it now takes me down to the next stone mark 13st 13lb. There is no way I could be losing weight like this just going to

a slimming club. I know as I have tried them all.


Bye for now

Love Averil


23rd June 2009


Well Julie, it is now eleven weeks since our first meeting. I am such a different person now. And I suppose my testimonial will sound just the same as everyone else’s!


I am no longer eating unhealthy foods but the main thing is, you have stopped me from binging.Some nights I think I will have a glass of wine then before I know it I am in bed wine forgotten about. Not even had a drink since although you did not include that in, just thought it would help with weight loss.


Left the good bit till the end, I have now lost 1 stone.Will update you with the next one - I still have three to go but feel sure I can achieve it now.


I said I would not come back to see you until I got my two stone well it might be sooner than I thought.


Will keep in touch

Many thanks Averil


13th July 2009


Well Julie, thought it was time to get in touch again. A bit like a tortoise but getting there. I think when I first came to see you I was 14st 7lb. Today I got weighed and I am now 13st 4lb so very pleased with myself. I have found it better to plan the day ahead not so much when I am at home but when I am out like at my daughter's. I take healthy food with me now when I go. Even had a couple of Chinese meals but had them as main meal of the day rather than late in the evening.
Hope you are well will keep in touch
Love Averil x



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