Christine of Horsforth

Christine came for the Special Package of weightloss sessions in May 2011 and wrote this after her free follow-up session in October.

I'm 54, tall, was overweight for my height (by about 3 stone) and totally fed up with not feeling to be in control of what I ate and drank.I have a part time job, hectic lifestyle and three children (early 20s) who I wanted to be able to enjoy being with and not feel to be fat and frumpy beside them.Our very social lifestyle means we go to lots of dinner parties at friends, meals out, drinks after work etc. and 'cutting back' was always something that was going to start 'on Monday'.

We do eat lots of fresh meat, vegetables and fruit and it's not that I didn't know what I should or shouldn’t eat or drink - it's just that I didn't feel to have any will power over temptation.Goodies in the kitchen at work, crisps before a dinner party, snacks out of the fridge at tea time, cakes with afternoon tea, puddings and wine any night of the week were all everyday temptations I didn't seem to be able to resist at all, never mind restricting them to sensible quantities or regarding them as 'treats'.

And as for 'cravings' – whenever I was hungry and thought about a 'snack' (chocolate, cheese, pork & pickle pies) my mouth literally watered for it and I had no option but to eat it (and probably lots of it).

Then I noticed the amount of weight a friend had lost and she recommended Julie Woodcock.I didn't have any opinion one way or another about hypnotherapy but I did think what my friend told me about the changes she had made to her way of thinking about food and eating made a lot of sense and thought it was what I needed and should give it a go.

I am absolutely delighted with the result. Not only have the hypnotherapy sessions worked but just sitting talking to Julie beforehand helped enormously.All the tips combined with the changes Julie has managed to achieve with my subconscious and way of thinking about food has resulted in me loosing two stones and it really hasn't been difficult.

I have generally lost a couple of pounds a week over the last five months and am on target to have lost the rest by Christmas which was my goal. I am eating healthily and drinking lots of water.I feel 100% better about myself and better healthwise as the weight loss is also improving problems I had with my lower back and knees.I feel positive about exercising and I am interested in clothes again and don't feel I look hideous in everything I try on any more. I am enjoying friends and colleagues commenting on how much weight I have lost and being honestly able to say that I'm not on a 'diet' (especially having done a couple in the past and put back on all the weight I had lost – and more - very quickly).

I can honestly say I am apprehensive about the approach of Christmas but equally I know that because the way I now think about food has changed and is in effect a 'lifestyle' change, if I do enjoy a few too many 'treats' I now have the control to stop myself over indulging and this control is what will support me into a slim and healthy future.

Christine, Horsforth, Leeds


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