Dee of Leeds 


Dee was 88kg eating big meals and drinking red wine by the bottle!

At the second session (two weeks laster) she had lost 4kgs (c9lbs), cut out the red wine, reduced her carbs and had been walking. She was also sleeping better.

Two weeks later at the third session she was down to 13st 2lbs which is about 83.5kg so had lost another couple of pounds. She had been going to the gym most days, eating smaller meals and had only the odd glass of wine.

At her free follow-up session in April Dee’s weight was down to 12st 11lbs but most importantly she was maintaining her new healthy eating, drinking and exercise habits.

Dee writes:


Having stopped smoking with support from hypnotherapy I wondered whether it might assist me in my aim to lose weight.


I'd found it difficult in the past to maintain lifestyle changes that I know are necessary.


I'm not going to tell you "it's a miracle" way to lose weight.


What I can tell you is that the scales confirm that I have maintained a steady weight loss.


I have no doubt that hynotherapy has underpinned my determination to lose weight and played a key part in the success I've achieved so far.


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