Diane Young 

Julie and Diane decided that she could make the changes needed with just two sessions as she was already eating healthy meals – it was the snacking that was the problem.


Diane came for two sessions in April and May and wrote this to Julie in July 2008:


"When I first heard of Julie through my manager at work I wasn’t really interested as I was in the throws of a new diet plan. I am renowned amongst my friends for always being on one diet or another and often mixing them up to suit my day.However the diet failed or maybe I failed the diet. I was really fed up of battling against what felt like the inevitable ending of getting bigger and bigger. I had reached an all time low and felt I had no will power left at all. I could not exercise because of back problems and this further frustrated me.


Having reached panic point I decided to give hypnotherapy a go and went to see Julie. I felt the difference in attitude straight away although she did turn all my dieting ideas on their head and it took me ages to do my first shop and read all the labels!


My weight loss has been steady and with 19lb to lose I realise it will not happen overnight but what did happen overnight was my bad eating habits disappeared. I no longer sit watching TV and listening to the delights of the fridge calling my name and giving in too easily. I no longer eat between meals and it is such a release. I enjoy healthy meals and find no problems eating out. In fact not long after my 2nd session with Julie I organised the usual 'girls night in' with a fab meal and when everyone looked expectantly at me for dessert I realised I had completely forgotten to do one. I thought this hilarious but I was on my own with that one!


Shopping for food is so easy now it never occurs to me to go down the cake or sweet aisle and if I get a thought about chocolate it just goes phuff like a puff of smoke out of my mind altogether.I have also cut out the diet coke and drink more water. I used to sit and eat all the nibbles when out for a drink now it never bothers me and I just feel utterly amazed and relieved. I have lost 12lb (in 3 months) without being on a diet and have gone down a dress size whilst still having weekends away and meals out.


To anyone thinking of taking the plunge I would say come on in the water is lovely!"


Diane Young



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