F.D. of Leeds

F.D. had two weight loss sessions, two weeks apart and then a follow-up session about 6 weeks later in October 2007. Her GP, Dr Carolyn Abbott of Dewsbury Road, Leeds suggested she see Julie: 


"After being fed up for a long time about being my ever-increasing weight I thought I had tried everything. On a visit to my GP she asked if I had considered hypnotherapy and recommended Julie. My GP had recommended Julie to four other patients who wanted to stop smoking and all had managed to stop after seeing Julie. I did think about it for a long time and wondered how it could possibly work, but then realised I had nothing to lose and contacted Julie.


Right from the first phone call I felt at ease and comfortable with Julie. After the first session I felt really relaxed but did wonder if it had "worked" and "what happens next?" I must says the first couple of days I did feel as though I was testing myself to see whether or not it had worked by thinking of chocolates and biscuits to see if I was tempted! I wasn’t!


From then on I just "went with it and let it happen" as Julie told me to do. From then on I haven’t thought about or desired chocolate or biscuits. It’s as though the "need" to have them has been taken away from me. If I ever think of having any chocolate or biscuits then I just seem to then "forget" to have them! I also haven’t had any fizzy drinks since seeing Julie. I now go shopping and into the garage and don’t fill my bag with goodies to gorge on. I am also drinking lots of water and making healthier food choices in general.


I feel so much better and feel so much more confident about being slimmer in the future.


Julie has even motivated me enough for me to organise a few sessions with a personal trainer so that I can shift the weight faster and tone up.


I should have done this years ago!"


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