Gary from Rastrick

I started hypnotherapy with Julie three months ago. Why did I do that?

Arthritic knees, hitting my forties and them hitting back, and the recent death of a olleague from a heart attack were uppermost in my mind.


It's the thirteen week mark as of writing this, or in other terms a quarter of a year. So far, I'm down by thirty-three pounds, or fifteen Kg, or two stones and five pounds in old money. I can only see this continuing. I've still about the same to lose, but it's a fairly clear route.


I've dieted before, but the usual pattern of giving up within a few weeks became giving up within a few days as I got older. I had the incentives I've already mentioned, and as I work in the information department of a wholefood wholesaler I knew what I had to do, but I just wasn't doing it. A colleague recommended Julie after he'd stopped smoking with her help, and the next thing I knew I was having my first session.


I've dieted before, so I thought I knew it all. I found out I knew most of it, but Julie managed to fill in the odd gap or two. She's kept her knowledge current, including the latest medical research. The hypnotherapy itself is a gentle, yet effective, process - and the important part is that I'm now doing what I knew I should.


I wasn't eating products that were that bad for the most part, but too many of them at each sitting and too many sittings. My overall diet has changed, with far greater an emphasis on foods I wouldn't have eaten much of before, and for me the main part was how I kept snacking down to a minimum and control my portion size now. I used to snack on what were effectively cheese sandwiches at work, or wander past a sandwich shop and buy something because I was bored and fancied eating as entertainment. That's ended. On the rare occasions I get a takeaway, I only eat half of it and feel sated. Meals I prepare for myself are smaller, and instead of eating until I'm too full later, I'm finishing and don't find myself uncomfortable.


The interesting downside is that I've had to buy two new belts since the start of this treatment, and had to add extra holes in the latest one within weeks of buying it, but the extra cost is more than offset by not spending as much on food.

Being slightly techie, I decided to provide a graph of my cumulative weight loss.



Gary from Rastick


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