Jane of Bradford

Jane from Bradford, age 39 and a full time Mum to a 4-year old boy, came to Julie in for 3 sessions in July and August 2008 and a follow up in September. Jane had already lost her weight through sensible eating and wanted help in ensuring that she stayed slim!


A million thanks to Julie for giving me what I can only describe as an ability to view food with confidence and enjoyment rather than guilt, fear and dread! 


Having been a yo-yo dieter for many, many years I lost 2 stones in weight through a "sensible eating plan" and then heard about Julie. So I contacted her to see if her programme was for somebody like me, who had managed to lose the weight and now wanted the necessary will power and know-how to keep it from creeping back on!


Julie's confidence and absolute belief that she could help me after just 1 phone call meant that I immediately signed up for some sessions.


4 sessions later, my weight has remained stable and I now view food completely differently. My weaknesses had always been with things like crisps and savoury snacks and now instead of beating myself up and feeling guilty for eating a packet, I totally accept that I have eaten them and in a way that makes me lose the craving. Somehow, forbidden fruit is always regarding as tempting, but now that nothing is forbidden, I find that I no longer have the cravings that I once had.


I still love food and eating out is my favourite pastime, but the difference in me now is that I enjoy my food knowing that I have made sensible menu choices and if I do have a pudding, so what? It's not something I have every day, and I feel I have the ability to eat it without any guilt whatsoever,


Thank you Julie for your inspiration and the fun sessions. I would recommend this avenue of help to anyone.






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