Jay of Leeds came to see Julie for a series of three sessions through May 2008:  


I, like most people reading this, have been on almost every fad diet ever published with varied success. However, the one thing that has happened, without fail, the weight has piled back on and usually a little more at the same time!


When I logged on to Julie’s website I had lots in common with her other clients. Excess weight makes me feel less confident and generally unhappy with myself and I would find an excuse not to do something because I felt uncomfortable in my clothes. I always had 3 different sizes in my wardrobe so although they are full of clothes I can only wear a third of them at any one time!


On my first visit to see Julie I was not quite sure what to expect but felt sure I needed to change my unhealthy relationship with food.


I have to say that most of the time I did find the changes easy to follow and very logical. Without really thinking about it I even started to cook healthy recipes once I got organised! I have more energy and I don’t deprive myself of anything. I just have a little bit less the next day to balance out any over indulgence!


I don’t beat myself up any more and have a much more rational approach to food and eating. I also feel that this new way of life is sustainable and that I am back in control.


Jay of Leeds 


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