Jayne saw Julie early in 2011. She emailed this testimonial at the end of June:

I'm in my early 40's and have kids and a job.I was about 3 stone overweight when I booked my sessions with Julie. I was beginning to feel fat and frumpy and didn't like the way I felt or looked.We're an active family and I wanted to be able to ski – but I couldn't even get my boots on!

I am quite a healthy eater and was going to the gym and doing classes but I was snacking on chocolate, biscuits and crisps and eating too many puddings.

My first session with Julie was in February 2011 and at this session we discussed what I ate and what I needed to change. After the session I just had no temptation for any sweet stuff at all!I found myself drinking more water too – which was easy as I really didn't drink water before I met Julie!


In the following two weeks I lost 7lb and at my second session we worked on getting me to eat a bigger range of vegetables.In the following two weeks I lost another 5lbs and ate cabbage and sprouts which I'd never eaten before. I did have one piece of chocolate cake as a special treat – after all I’m not on a diet!


By my follow-up session in May I'd lost one and a half stone


I'm eating heathier food, drinking water, I just don't want the sweet and fattening foods I used to snack on and I feel really well and very positive.I know that I will be able to reach my 3 stone weight-loss goal – and get into those boots!!!


At the end of June I'm now down to eleven and a half stone from my original 13 stone 11 lbs.I caught my self in a shop window when running across a road and nearly stopped in the middle of the road to take a second look as I looked a "normal" size or on a more positive stance: "good".


Still no snacking, and although there's been a major crisis in my life at no point did anything from Cadbury's touch my lips!


Thanks for your help Julie!




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