Josie Dargan

Josie had 3 paid for weight loss sessions with Julie between February and March 2007. During this time she began making healthier eating choices, cut out diet fizzy drinks, reduced the size of some of her meals, began drinking 8 glasses of water a day and began walking more


At the end of May Josie came for her free follow-up session, bringing with her this testimonial.



"I had put on weight gradually 25 years ago when I gave up smoking (with willpower).I had lost weight with Weight Watchers and Slimming World only to put it back on again when I stopped attending.It seemed that I needed the torture of getting on those scales to encourage me to lose weight. But NO MORE!


When I first saw Julie she discussed sensible eating, portion control and exercise with me but in particular drinking lots of water!I had my first hypnosis session and didn’t think that anything so painless could possibly work – but it did.


My main problem was portion control but the first meal I ate after my first session I left something on my plate – in other words I stopped eating when I was full and did not feel deprived.I also started to drink lots more water and one result which really surprised me was that my ankles shrank back to their normal size. I felt healthier, I slowly but gradually lost weight (after all at my age I don’t want to lose weight too quickly or my skin won’t catch up) and I was able to exercise better.


I cannot recommend hypnotherapy – and Julie - too highly, indeed my friends are all fed up with hearing me go on about how I have managed to lose weight without really trying and how much tastier healthy food is than junk food – I am a convert – Thanks Julie."


Josie Dargan



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