Judy Middlemiss

Judy Middlemiss first came to see Julie in late September 2006. She lost 7lbs in the first two weeks. By April 2007 she had lost 2 ½ stone. She wrote this in November 2007.


"Since visiting Julie in late 2006 I have lost 3 ½ stone. This has been achieved by eating sensibly and exercising more, both of which were made easy through hypnosis. I lost the endless craving for anything sweet and really enjoyed the foods which were good for my body.


Shopping time has been cut, as I no longer saunter down the sweet and biscuit aisles trying to be strong, I just ignore them and walk past and it’s so easy! If you add up the amount you spend on chocolate, crisps, cakes and all the rubbish you put in your shopping trolley you will be surprised at how much this is every week/month. This amount will be saved!


My confidence has improved, coupled with such a feeling of well being, I feel amazing and judging by the compliments I receive I must look quite good for 58!"


Judy Middlemiss, North Yorkshire




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