Julie T of Halifax

Julie T, an accountant from Halifax, came for series of three weight loss sessions in the Autumn of 2007. In February 2008 she sent this:


Hi Julie
In July 2007, I was due for a review at the doctors - my blood pressure was high and I had to do something about it. I had also had a difficult 12 months after the death of my father. Not only was I a little down but at the age of 49 I was suffering from hot sweats - the start of the menopause. My doctor suggested I try Prozac for a while and lose some weight - easier said than done.
I had been thinking seriously about hypnosis but was not sure where to go. I heard about Julie through a friend who knew someone who had good results after hypnotherapy with Julie. I rang up and made an appointment in September 2007 and I have not looked back since. 


After my first visit I had a more positive outlook on life. I lost weight, then Julie treated me for hot sweats. By my 3rd visit I had stopped taking Prozac and I was still losing weight. By the beginning of December I had lost 13lbs, my blood pressure was back to normal and NO MORE hot sweats. Even over Christmas I managed without gaining weight. 


In January, I was called to do Jury service and I got myself worked up over this so I visited Julie, after one session I found myself totally relaxed and more positive.
I am off to Barcelona shopping and sight seeing tomorrow for a few days and am really looking forward to this - a stone lighter, not worrying about my blood pressure and no more hot sweats. 


Thank you Julie. 
From Julie T. Halifax


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