From this point I could not lose that weight no matter how hard I tried. I would always start out on a diet, nothing much would happen even though I stuck to it religiously. I might lose 4 pounds. I went to the gym and followed the diet religiously and then around the 2 week mark I would give up and binge.

I recently married again and am very happy – I wanted to leave my overweight self and the bad times behind me and get back to being the "real" me.

Julie was recommended to me by a friend at work who had smoked for 20 years – After one session with Julie she just stopped smoking and never looked back.

I had 3 sessions in total and after the first it felt completely normal to love vegetables, water, fruit…I saw and smelt foods that I could never have resisted before and thought nothing of them – chips, cakes, pop – I wasn’t bothered about them – I knew I could eat whatever I wanted but what I wanted to eat had changed. It was like the cravings had just disappeared overnight.

The second session was about being active and since then I have doubled my activity –getting off the bus at the other side of York and walking to work each morning – it feels completely normal and it is like I don’t even need to look for motivation – It is just there inside me – I can’t believe it feels normal to do this but it does.

I have a great feeling of positivity – I am looking at size 12 dresses and thinking "when" instead of "if only".

Before I would walk along shoulders hunched feeling fat and frumpy – Now I walk with a spring in my step, feeling positive – I know that my hips will be slim and exactly how good it will feel.  People at work have noticed that my skin is glowing (with all the exercise, fruit and water I am enjoying) and that I am losing weight. I have gone down a dress size already but there is no point buying new clothes as I will not be that size for long enough! I will be down to my goal size instead.

It is only one month since my first session and I have lost 16 pounds!  I have never lost weight so quickly or easily. It has been so easy!

Maybe I have a long way to go but I don’t look at it like that – I can’t wait until I have achieved my task. I now have complete control over my body. I also know a lot more about myself, and why I turned to food for comfort. Now I know it is a lot more comforting to be fit, healthy and slim.

Thank you Julie, I will be writing again before this year is out when my success is complete. Can’t wait!

Thanks for everything

Karen Sharp


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