Keith from Leeds

Keith from Leeds had two weight loss sessions in December 2009 with Julie and a third session mid-January. He wrote this after his free follow-up session in March 2010:



I have been overweight all of my life. I am now 53. I have tried most diets and failed every time. In 2003 I had a gastric bypass, which worked for about a year bringing my weight from 152kg down to 130kg.

I found I could not stop eating, it was a habit, something in my head. I have had severe depression and low self esteem for quite a few years.

A friend recommended me to visit Julie, the very best decision I have ever made.


After only one visit I noticed a change in my attitude and in my eating habits. Gone were the crisps, chips, chocolate, cheese and midnight snacks - in exchange for water, fruit, vegetables and wholewheat bread.

After 4 visits and in less than 4 months (including Christmas) I have lost another 10kg and am on the road to a healthy, calmer life.

I cannot stress this enough:  "Believe in Julie, she believes in you."

Keith, Leeds


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