"My weekend diet consisted of takeaways for lunch and evening meals or 3 courses in restaurants.  By now I couldn’t tie my shoelaces with out being out of breath - seriously!!!

"Over the last 3 years I knew I had to do something about my binging so tried all the typical diets: Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimmer’s World, food combining - you name it I’ve done it. None worked for me in the long run. "Anyway, after being persuaded to see Julie by my wife I apprehensively went along.  After my first session I lost my taste for alcohol.  In 3 months I can count on one hand how many drinks I’ve had.  I actually prefer water or juice.  I never thought this could happen.  I feel liberated and free.  Drinking was a millstone round my neck.  And all this without even trying! It’s not even a hardship. "I lost 11 pounds in weight in the first 2 weeks.  At 3 weeks a stone and at 6 weeks 21 pounds. "With my continued exercise and healthy eating (I’m not on a diet) I am two stone less and can run 7-10 miles with ease.  I look better, my skin’s better and I just know I will lose – and look forward to losing - the next stone. Better still I’m less stressed in business and worry less and walk every lunch-time. "Thanks for what you did for me, Julie especially the money you saved me on the cost of booze! That must be at least £150 per week so your fee was money in the bank." Kevin


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