Laura of Morley

Laura is a good example of someone who has been really successful at losing weight but needed a little bit of extra help to keep control and keep the weight off!



"Last year I decided that enough was enough and I needed to lose weight. I signed up to SureSlim and managed to lose 6 stone in 7 months through my personalized programme and fantastic willpower!


Although I never slipped back fully into my bad habits I found I was "rebelling" every day and the weight was slowly creeping on. When I had put on nearly 12lbs I felt like I was losing control and knew that the original motivation I had was falling by the wayside. I had heard good things about Julie through word of mouth and called her to find out more.


Just through a phone conversation I knew she would help me. She made me realize hypnosis could change those bad habits and her straight forward, straight talking approach appealed to me.


After the first session I noticed changes. I didn’t feel like I wanted those "bad" foods I had labelled in my head and I had a huge sense of control. It was just like something had clicked!


I have since had 1 more session and have managed to get through Christmas and New Year without gaining any weight. It has also made me realize that this is my way of life – I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything or feel the need to binge and convince myself I’ll be good tomorrow and inevitably it will never come!


I would urge anyone who feels like they have lost their way or have bad habits that they are desperate to change despite the best will in the world to consider Hypnosis, and Julie in particular! She has a wealth of knowledge about different weight loss methods and will not judge you but just get you back on track based on what you want and what your focus is.


Thanks Julie for helping me break that vicious circle I found myself in!


Laura, Morley


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