Lisa Heaphy

I have always had weight issues. I have tried every diet, lost weight and then gained it again plus a little extra. My other problem was wine. I would open the bottle at teatime, always just intending to have the one glass, and by bedtime the bottle would be empty and I am ashamed to say that another was sometimes opened. I would feel terribly guilty the next day, until teatime, and then I would open the wine.


This summer, just before my hols, I weighed myself and it was not good. I was in a vicious circle of eating, drinking and then eating a little bit more. I felt quite desperate as I did not want to get any bigger and I also worried about the unhealthy effect my lifestyle was having on my body and the bad example I was setting to my two young children.


My husband had hypnotherapy for a flying phobia and that had worked really well, so I went on the Internet and found Julie. I emailed Julie to see if she could help, and after speaking to her and reading all the testimonials I decided to give it a go. I rang Julie whilst still on holiday and made an appointment for as soon as I got back.


Julie is so nice and put me at ease straight away. She listened patiently to me about what I wanted and needed to change in my life. Being hynotised was a nice and relaxing experience. I had 3 sessions fortnightly and the transformation has been amazing. It's weird really as you don’t necessarily feel very different at first, but then you realise that different foods are appealing and that foods that you have loved are no longer tempting you. I have also found that drinking water has become totally normal to me, I always have a bottle in my bag and my water filter in the fridge. I also take more exercise, running at least twice a week.


But best of all my alcohol consumption has reduced dramatically. I can now just have a glass without finishing the bottle. I also alternate with a glass of water if I go out and I only tend to drink at weekends. Through doing this I am sleeping so much better and in general feel like a new person. I feel totally in control of my weight and have lost to date 1 stone 5 Ibs.


Seeing Julie has been a very rewarding experience, one I would definitely recommend.


Lisa Heaphy





In mid-December 2007 Lisa sent this update: 


I am feeling fantastic, I am down to my goal weight. I feel so good, the best I have ever felt . . . I know that for the first time in my life food and weight is not an issue.


I have been shopping to Marks and Spencers today and bought lots of yummy food for Xmas, thank you for helping me be the size I have always wanted to be.


Have a lovely Xmas and a very happy and prosperous 2008


Love Lisa Heaphy xxxx



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