Marion Wytcherley

Marion Wytcherley came to see Julie for her first session at the beginning of June 2009. She lost 2 stone during June and July then set off for her summer holiday home with her husband and son:  
"Booking to see Julie was one of my best decisions I ever made! I had three sessions before going on holiday for six weeks in the summer hols. Most people would worry about piling on the two stone already lost with Julie but I wasn't worried!

After loading her hypnotherapy CD onto my ipod off I went. I’m writing this whilst on holiday and I have not eaten any 'wrong' foods or even felt like I've been denied myself anything as I've passed ice cream and pastry shops every couple of metres.
How incredible! Whenever I have dieted before I've failed - believe me I have run the diet treadmill many times, this time though it's stuck. My lifestyle and my whole way of thinking has changed and as a by-product I am off my anti depressants. Cool.
I would truly tell all my friends and people I don't know (and I already have) that Julie's hypnotherapy works.
If you feel unhappy for any reason, book to see Julie what've you got to lose?
p.s don't know how much more weight I have lost as there are no scales - but all the clothes I packed are now too big.
Marion Wytcherley


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