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Testimonial added autumn 2017:

Hi Julie

Hope you are well.

Just emailing you with an upate. I've lost exactly a stone in total since the day we spoke on the phone before my consultations with you. (4th September to 10th November). 

Exercise is going well, getting in the gym at least 4 times a week and just started week 4 off the couch to 5k app. Still drinking more water and still having my lunch break at work which I love. I've not been eating as much fruit and vegetables as I should be doing but it's something I'm trying to change, building up slowly. 

I've had a few days over the last few weeks where I have overeaten but I have not beaten myself up over it and for me this is the biggest change of all, I just listen to your recording and then get in the gym.

I had an NHS health check last week and the results were that my risk of heart disease is only 1.18% my cholesterol and blood pressure are really good. The only downside was my Hba1c level was 42 which means I am just on the lowest level (42-47) of being in the range of pre-diabetic, obviously this has given me a further boost to lose the weight. I want that score below that when I go for a further blood test in a year’s time.

Just had my birthday yesterday so got some more celebrations today then it's back to healthy eating tomorrow 

Thanks again for your support and I know I can get in touch when I need to for my free follow-up session. 

Kind Regards 


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