Pam Hornby

Testimonial added summer 2017:


In 2004 I had a health scare suffering from Pancreatitis which resulted in my having a Heart Attack and needing a Stent fitting. 

My Doctor told me that this was a result of having smoked an average of 40 cigarettes a day for 48 years (I started after a dare from my brothers at the age of 7 year old). 

After discussion with my then boyfriend I decided to try Hypnosis and contacted Break the Habit and arranged for a session of treatment the following week. 

When I came out of the clinic and got into the car my boyfriend asked how it had gone and I told him that it had not worked because I could remember everything that was said. He asked me if I wanted a cigarette and I told him I would have one later. Well for later try 13 years and I still don’t want one. I can sit in a room with people smoking all around and it does not bother me. 

Let’s now move on to the present and again I have a scare having been told by my Doctor that I have Diabetes and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea as a direct result of being overweight (at this point I was tipping the scales at a majestic 119.6 kgs which equates to 263.5 pounds or almost 19 stones so again I contacted Break the Habit and arranged for a course of treatment to help me reduce my weight. 

Pam Hornby


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