Pauline of Huddersfield

Pauline saw Julie for 3 weightloss sessions at the end of 2010 and wrote this for her free follow-up appointment in January 2011:

I went to see Julie back in November as I wanted to lose a couple of stone, but more importantly I wanted to feel healthier and better about myself. I had a course of 4 sessions and have just had my last session.

I can honestly say that I would thoroughly recommend Julie to anyone who is trying to lose weight.


As a result of my sessions, I now eat more healthily using fresh ingredients whenever possible. I certainly don’t feel as though I am on a diet, just that I prefer to chose healthier foods which make me feel better and will help me get to my goal weight. I now see food more in terms of fuel. 


As a result of my healthier eating I no longer suffer from indigestion and heart-burn which have troubled me in the past. I have much more energy and exercise more often than I used to do. This is through a matter of choice and again helps me feel better in general. Drinking more water has also become a natural habit.


I have dieted in the past using a certain slimming club on 3 separate occasions and each time had some success, but this has been relatively short lived, hence the need to return a second and a third time. With hypnotherapy, I feel totally differently about losing weight. It comes naturally to eat healthier, and to only eat enough until I am comfortably full. Therefore, losing weight feels comparatively effortless. I know that if I do indulge, for example at Christmas, healthy eating returns without having to think about it.


I have now lost around 10 pounds and feel positive that because I am now in charge of what I eat, I will have no trouble getting to my goal and more importantly staying there. 


Pauline (Housewife from Huddersfield)


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