"I had been trying various diets on and off for years and had finally given up and settled for the fact that "middle aged" spread was a natural result of middle age! What brought the problem home to me was high blood pressure and a 50% loading on a life assurance quote.

I was given one of Julie's brochures and decided to give her a call. We arranged a meeting. Over the next few days I went through the "Will I, Won't I go?" syndrome. I decided to keep the appointment and have to say it was a life changing experience.

Julie talked a lot of common sense about eating habits, nutrition etc. She has a very in-depth knowledge of the subject. I then went through a hypnotherapy session and my bad habits just went, as simple as that. My previous daily regime of starving all day until the non stop eating session in the evening, apart from far too many cups of coffee and tea interspersed with sweets, chocolates etc stopped.

I feel I now have complete control over what I eat and drink. What is more I have a new philosophy on life and with the help of the excellent CD Julie supplies am more relaxed and suffer far less from the usual everyday stresses.

I cannot recommend her methods too highly.

My email address is peterrobson@relaygroup.co.uk and I am happy to correspond with anyone considering hypnotherapy."


Julie Woodcock

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