RMS  of Harrogate

RMS of Harrogate attended a full weight loss package and e-mailed this in July 2008:


Like most of Julie’s clients I was recommended. So I decided to go and get myself ‘sorted out’ and it worked! I have never been sceptical about looking at alternative therapy but sometimes wonder if it will last. I don’t particularly want to go into my personal details but I felt that I had worked myself into a corner with a very stressful job, a busy lifestyle, a demanding family (not all in a bad way) and a desire to do it all well. This resulted in a very unhealthy way of life continually feeling stressed, too much alcohol, smoking and much more. Through the sessions with Julie I have managed to get control of my life. I started to feel the results straight away.


I play my CD regularly which helps us ‘clients’ more than we realise to maintain those results. No matter how many times I listen I always hear something different. I have lost a small amount of weight as I only wanted to lose a stone and I have cut down on my smoking. I think that I should explain that I told Julie that I did not want to give up smoking (she did not judge me on that) but reducing the stress has meant that I smoke less.


Now 6 months later I am still on the straight and narrow. My next task is to try and persuade my son to attend but he is a sceptic!





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