Rebecca Knight

Please read my little story - it is long but an honest account of my experience.

Over the years I have struggled with my weight since I was in late high school going from a size 8 upwards in a short space of time. I have tried numerous diets over the years; calorie control, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Juice Plus, Miracle pills that make you lose weight, 30 Day Bikini Diet and some I have probably forgotten about - I do remember the porridge diet and the Caveman diet.

All in all I spent hundreds probably thousands of pounds trying to lose weight and some worked initially but then the weight pilled back on or I just maintained. The past few years I was proud that I had managed to maintain my weight bearing in mind that I had maintained a weight of over 16 stone and was a size 18-20. I was not unhappy or at least I thought so but coming to realise some of the things in my life and the way I avoided mirrors, would never go shopping for clothes with my friends and took ages to find an outfit for an event and I hated my photo being taken as I could see how large I had gotten compared to other photo’s. It became clear that I was just avoiding the issue because I had given up on anything working anymore.


I found Julie through my mum as she had helped her with relaxation techniques and to be honest I was very dubious that hypnotherapy would even work. I mean what could hypnotherapy do that I could not do for myself? At this point in my life I knew I needed to act I am heading towards the age of 30 and I really wanted to be me again I don’t think anyone who has not had weight issues could understand what is like to walk in to a shop and feel out of place, or try looking for your size at the back of rack to find it is not there. To be fair I am most annoyed at the industry that they feel larger sizes mean a person is fat and not built or curvy however, my body is not built that way I was not never meant to be this size.


I decided that seeing as I had spent so much money on all the other things why not try it and see what happened – in some respects I had nothing to lose emotionally as I had somehow reasoned that I would be this size forever. I called Julie and set up my first appointment and was really impressed initially by how knowledgable she was and the fact she was able to tell me the things I was doing without even knowing me at all it was like she really understood what I was going through. This made me feel comfortable and reassured.


Through the post I received her CD with a hypnotherapy session on due to me taking the package deal. I was asked to use this as much as I wanted before I came to my appointment. Now I will be honest and say that when I first laid down on my bed and listened I laughed and wanted to giggled quite a bit. It was only when I realised half way through that I was actually really relaxed and....chilled out.


I could honestly have gone to sleep after the CD had finished. I was a little impressed and decided to use it again the next night before I went to bed. I have to say the CD on its own is brilliant I have not felt so de-stressed in a long time. I wake up on a morning feel fresh and well rested. Situations I have been presented with where I know that I would have normally chosen a different reaction I now react calmly and differently. This has been a god send for my sleeping pattern, to be honest when I listen I barely make it to 19 in the countdown before I wake up in the morning with the ear phones still in!


So I was getting more and more confident with the whole aspect of hypnotherapy however, I have to warn everyone out there now. This is not a magic session Julie can’t make you do what you don’t want to do and therefore you have to the determination and drive to achieve this for yourself as well. As a competitive person I knew that setting myself goals would help but I am sure you can all find your own way.


When I went for my first session I weighed 16 stone 7lbs. Julie spent ages speaking to me about what I do and what I don’t do and you have to be honest here about your eating habits. She really understood me and the things she said about the mind and habits really made sense. The thing that surprised me the most about my first session was that I knew I was there and that I knew I was awake yet Julie was in control. I remember bits about what she had said when I came out of the sessions but after a few hours I honestly could not recollect anything.


The first time I realised that something was working was when I got up in the morning did my usual routine but I drank a glass of water and had a banana. I only realised when I got to my bus stop that I'd had breakfast when this was one of my main faults. I had done it automatically without thinking. I carried on with my day to life and yes you do need to make the right decisions around food when you are having lunch or dinner like I said this is not magic you have to work with Julie to achieve your goals.


After my first two weeks I had lost 6lbs which I had expected a large loss as this was my usual routine when I changed my eating habits – I was still proud of my achievements.


Since then I have had two more sessions and each week I have continued to lose weight and the more interesting thing is I don’t notice the changes I have made anymore I have changed my life style. I can no longer do the large portions, eat crap food like I used to do or go without breakfast because my body craves the right food now. To be honest I do treat myself every couple of weeks which is essential to any eating plan as the saying goes everything in moderation. Even when I have the treat whether it be a takeaway, a big bag of crisps etc. I don’t get the good feeling from them any more most of the time I feel bloated and sick sometimes.


The biggest thing I have noticed is my obsession with water. I love it and before I could not be bothered with it. I crave water and I feel guilty when I have not had enough during the day if I have been busy on my day off. When I go out for a meal or to friends and family I no longer have tea and coffee as I tend to get a headache or feel bloated I just have water or juice. I have been so surprised by how little I feel that I have given up anything and how easy it feels now.


It was a hard journey in the beginning not to slip and constantly aware of what I was eating. If you are anything like me as well I have a husband who can get away with eating what he wants when he wants and not put any weight on so it has always been easier to follow his eating habits. If you are honest with yourself when it gets hard and why Julie can help in so may ways and using the CD as well in between sessions has been a booster. So far I have lost 1 stone 6lbs which has been over 10 weeks which is an average of 2lb per week – I weigh myself on the proper one in Boots as well making sure I use the same machine each time. Whilst I have lost more and less from week to week the average is where it should be. Losing weigh the right means it stays off for good.


I could not be happier for the first time in a long time I have a solution that is continually working for me and I have hardly had to change all that much and more importantly I feel better in myself. Everyone has noticed how much weight I have lost and already my clothes are baggy and I have gone down a dress size.


Julie is the most amazing person to speak to and the way she helps is brilliant. I am so happy I called her to make the appointment and more importantly she deserves all the thanks in the world. She has changed my lifestyle for the better and I could never thank her enough for the confidence she has given me and also for putting the control and power back in my hands over my food intake and habits.


Thank you so much Julie and please make your appointment to see her you will be more than amazed and pleased with the results.

Rebecca Knight


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