Ruth of Otley

Ruth came to see Julie for three weight loss sessions in September and October 2007. She wrote this after her free follow-up session in December:


Hello. My name is Ruth – I am in my fifties, mother of two grown-up children (both students), and in full-time professional work. I was naturally a slim person until I was in my late thirties. Then I started to eat and drink more every time I had something go wrong – like being tired after a sleepless night with young children, or having too many deadlines at work, or feeling fed up with being divorced, or being bored, or just wanting something nice, or giving myself a treat, or whatever…!


The weight piled on and on. And, even though I tried a slimming club and did manage to lose almost 2 and a half stone, it crept back on again. I felt absolutely despondent, hated myself, couldn’t get nice clothes, and had a wardrobe full of 'thin' clothes that I never wore. Even though my husband thought I was lovely and told me so lots of times I never felt it.


The final crunch came when friends invited me and my husband to join them on a walking and trekking holiday next year (2008). I felt desperate because I knew that I’d never be able to do it if I didn’t lose 3 stone in weight and I knew I wouldn’t be able to lose it by myself or going to slimming clubs as I’d failed in the past.


I found Julie’s website and was given some hope by all the positive testimonials there. When I first went to see Julie I had no hope that it would work for me. But what was absolutely amazing was that after the first session I noticed that I was automatically eating my food slowly (although I don’t remember her saying anything about it when I was being hypnotised!). Then I noticed that I was eating a sensible breakfast, drinking lots of water, taking salads for lunch, eating my dinner, limiting my wine – and NOT SNACKING!!!!! 


I lost 8 and a half pounds by the time of my next meeting two weeks later – but thought it might just be a fluke. By the time of the third meeting (another two weeks later) I knew that it wasn’t and that, for the first time in over 20 years, I would reach my target weight (by losing 3 stone).


For the first time in years and years I am no longer focused on food. Food is no longer an issue for me. I can take it or leave it. I feel free! It used to be that at work meetings I was always focussed on the biscuit plate, not the agenda – always taking at least 3 biscuits at the start of the meeting, then watching the plate to see how soon it would come round to me again, hoping no-one would see me taking more and more biscuits, and taking the spare ones at the end of the meeting. This was typical of my behaviour with all food – always wanting more ‘nice’ things.


This is one of the best things I’ve done – I feel free of all that compulsion about food. I feel healthy, fit, good about myself. I can get into my ‘thin’ clothes. Colleagues and friends have noticed how slim I look and I’m getting lots of compliments. It feels great. And I know that I’m in control.


I have no hesitation in recommending Julie if you want to lose weight. And have told everyone who’s asked how I did it. It really does work and it is amazing. I’ve lost weight without any effort and without having to think about it – that’s what so amazing!


Thank you Julie. 




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