SH of Harrogate

One session of weight loss hypnotherapy (in August 2010) was enough for this client from Harrogate as she explains in her letter at the end of October:  


Dear Julie
Just wanted to let you know how I got on after my session with yourself in August.
Immediately after the session it was like a switch had been pressed, and I no longer had or still have, cravings for 'bad' foods! I am still eating healthily and have now lost about 9lbs, which for me is pretty good going, as it usually comes off much slower, and most of that was in the first 6 weeks.
I have recently started exercising too, which hopefully will help lose the last few pounds to get me to my target. I feel much happier with myself, and have a whole new wardrobe to wear
(well an old one that fits comfortably or is now too big!)
Thanks for your help, I had my reservations, but it was certainly worth it.
Thanks again Julie
Kind Regards



Julie Woodcock

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