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Hi Julie,

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for all your help! I also wanted to share my success with others that may be struggling with similar problems to myself.

Before meeting Julie I had an eating problem, which had developed over the last 10 years and was at an all time high.  I spent all day, every day thinking about food and I was unable to have food in sight without eating it.  After eating the food I felt terrible, I suffered from depression and after binging on huge quantities of food I would then make myself sick and take laxatives.  Julie first saw me when I was at breaking point it was effecting all aspects of my life from my self esteem, work, relationships and social life.

On my first visit to Julie she listened and fully understood my aim for the session and on leaving the office I have not eating a sweet or biscuit.  Not only that but I can sit in a room with every kind of sweet in front of me and I simply don't want one at all. Prior to visiting Julie I would have eating every single sweet one after another and not been able to think about anything else.  On my 2nd visit to see Julie we worked on portion sizing and since leaving Julie's office I am now able to leave food on a plate or put it in the bin rather than having to eat the whole lot and only eat what I need.  Because I'm eating healthy food and only what my body needs I no longer beat myself up about the food I have eaten therefore I no longer punish myself and body by throwing up or taking laxatives.    

I now feel on top of the world, I have energy, positive attitude, good complexion and an eating disorder which for the first in 10 years is completely under control. Julie you got me back on the right track and gave me confidence to continue on it, thank you so much, you are a star!!!!!!!!


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