Sharon of Leeds 

"Like many people I had always been very sceptical of hypnotherapy however when a friend of mine started to lose weight with no effort I decided it would be worth giving it a go after all nothing else had worked!


I decided before my first session that I wasn’t really that bothered about losing weight. What I really wanted was to break the bad habits I’d formed over a lifetime . . . snacking at work, no breakfast, no fruit, being bored - so eating. At my first session Julie asked how much water I drank . . . I’m afraid my reaction was 'well don’t they make Diet coke with it!' Yes I’m afraid that’s all I used to drink, about 1.5litres a day!


Since that very first session I have not touched a drop of Diet Coke and while for many that might seem nothing special, just ask my family and friends who'd rarely seen me without a bottle in my hand!Alongside that I am no longer snacking and really thinking about whether I’m hungry before reaching for the snacks . . . most of the time I find I’m not. It’s simply been habit.


So thanks a million Julie. I truly am converted to the powers that hypnotherapy can bring and if it works for me and the Diet Coke then it really can work for anyone.





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