Sharon of Leeds

After living with some serious eating disorder issues for over a decade, my behaviour had become so ingrained and habitual that I couldn't imagine another life. Eventually, after trying a number of other treatments an acquaintance recommended Julie and her mix of hypnosis and NLP therapy.  


This has to be the best money I've ever spent.  


With Julie's help I have done what I once though was impossible and gained control of my life. The sessions were comfortable and relaxed, I could open up without feeling judged and after the session, I felt incredible.  


Julie changed my binge and purge relationship with food throughout the session and imprinted new habits, for instance eating slowly and away from distractions like TV so I'm less likely to binge, enjoying all types of food in moderation but preferring healthy foods that are low in sugar, only eating half the food on my plate until I listened to my body rather than automatically consuming the portion in front of me, but most importantly, feeling in control where food is concerned.  


I would forward this recommendation on to anyone who is unhappy with an aspect of their life that Julie can help them with. As someone who’s tried to sort themselves out for years to no avail, it's so much easier to get some help.  


Thanks again Julie. 




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