Sue L of Leeds

Dear Julie,


Thank you so much for all your time, effort, ingenious ideas and most of all your patience (of which you displayed an abundance) during my sessions of weight loss. I can honestly say I enjoyed them and found them most beneficial.


When I look back I have for most of my life had a strange relationship with food and always felt out of control. I have tried just about every diet that has ever been published. I have visited herbalists, homeopaths and taken food supplements. Some of them I lost weight with and some I didn't. I was always unable to adhere to any plan long enough to really make a significant difference weight-wise. I have always thought that my problem was psychological and when I heard through a friend how you had helped someone she knew I thought this could really work for me.  


I returned from a cruise a few weeks ago and was absolutely delighted at not putting on any weight. You told me I would not eat sweets, chocolate, cakes or biscuits. I must admit that I did think at the time I needed something of a miracle ........ but no! I did not eat any of those foods.


I have now completed my last session and I now feel much calmer around food. I feel sure I will continue to lose weight and remain in control. I honestly feel that if I can achieve this control then anyone with your help can do the same.


Thank you once again and should I ever feel that "I am losing the plot" I will not hesitate to contact you for a top up session.


Sue L



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