Susan Hemingway

I visited Julie Woodcock for weight loss hypnotherapy.I booked the course of 4 sessions. I was desperate, as I had tried everything, all the slimming clubs, slimming tables and fad diets like eating soup for every meal. I would start every day on a diet but by lunchtime I was off it, so I would eat everything in sight and start again the next day.

So as you can imagine my weight was increasing every week. I felt that food was ruling my life and I lived to eat not ate to live. I also couldn’t leave food on my plate. As a child I was always told to finish every meal, which I continued to do as I got older. I would also finish off food in the fridge, I thought I’d rather eat it than throw it out when the sell by date was up.


Julie helped me change all this. I no longer feel guilty leaving food on my plate or throwing out of date food away.


I now feel in control of my eating. I don’t think of it as being on a diet, just eating what I need and not what I want. I don’t deprive myself of anything I want but I eat it in moderation now and I also drink lots of water which helps. So far I have lost a stone in weight – it has come off at about 2lbs a week which is fine by me.I feel much better and in control of my eating. My craving for sweets and biscuits has gone and I can now say “no thank you”, and mean it.


I was also suffering from vertigo which Julie incorporated into one of the sessions and I have to say it helped a lot, after the session I was fine. It did come back but after a couple of days it went again and hasn’t come back since. I am really glad I went to see Julie and I know in the future if I feel I’m going to my old ways she will be there to help me.


Susan Hemingway


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