The Policeman

This client wrote after just two weightloss sessions taken in Autumn 2008. (His third session was used for something completely different.)


"So there I was, 39 years of age, a married man with two kids, 20 years as a Police Inspector and an ever expanding waist line. Each year I had gained weight from being 19. Each year I dreamt that it would just drop off. I had tried different diets including the Atkins - which did work - if you followed them.

By chance I saw the flyer for Julie and on impulse took a copy - which I put in a drawer and forgot about. Sometime later I found the leaflet and decided to give Julie a ring. She advised me to check the website and read the testimonials. I scanned down to see if there was anyone I thought would be like me (because after all I am unique, being unable to control my eating and gaining weight aren't I!)

Well after a while I rang Julie up and took the plunge to opt for the 4 sessions. At the first session we spent a long time looking at my lifestyle and what I wanted to achieve. On the 1st October 2008 I weighed 17st 4. I set myself a target weight of 14st. (I am naturally broad shouldered and consider this to be a good weight for me.) I found the first session a real interesting experience - completely painless and very relaxing. Something I would recommend to anyone to try at least once whatever the issue. So would it work?

Today is the 4th December 2008. I now weigh 15st 12, so have lost a stone and a half. AND IT WAS EASY! I have now got a relaxed attitude to food and naturally veer towards healthier choices. I have never felt like I am missing out and have consumed my fair share of takeaways, Chinese, Pizza, Indians etc since the session. I still go out and have a beer or several, so I have moved to a different lifestyle rather than being on a diet.

Do you know what - I now eat normally. I would definitely recommend this - the bottom line is you have probably spent loads of money on different diets, exercise equipment etc and if you are reading this it probably hasn't worked. So consider the cost of Julie's sessions against this. If it works is it worth it?" 



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