"Having tried various ways and resources to lose weight, I noticed how good a friend of mine looked now she had lost weight and she told me about the course of hypnotherapy she had with Julie.


I decided to give it a go, thinking not much would happen! But to my surprise it has worked and now I am well on the way to my goal weight – to lose a stone and a half.


My first appointment was before Christmas and I went away on holiday for the Christmas break - but after 4 weeks at my second appointment I had lost 4lbs. I had avoided biscuits and chocolates even over Christmas and had drunk less wine too!


I now don’t feel the need to nibble at snacks even when they are available at social gatherings and parties – and I eat smaller meals more often.


I have been on holiday recently yet have still lost just under a stone since mid-December and expect to reach my goal weight very soon!"


Tina, Leeds 



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