Tom of Otley

Tom sent this by e-mail in July 2009:


I'm 58 and have a sedentary but very stressful job (I'm an accountant in practice).I've been overweight virtually all my life.I've tried diets, some of which worked (eg the Cambridge Diet) BUT they're "diets" – once I came off them the weight went back on (and then some!) because I didn't change the way I eat.


In 2007 I stopped smoking (after 35+ years) – which was good, but meant I put on MORE weight.By July 2008 I was 16 stone 10 – and there it might have stayed if I hadn't met Ruth of Otley (see testimonial!) in the supermarket car park . . . I hadn't seen her for a while, and she looked GREAT – and she recommended me to consult Julie.


After three sessions and six months I'd lost over three stone – didn't feel "deprived" – did lots more exercise and looked forward to it – and felt better than I had done for years.


People talk a load of hooey about hypnosis – fear of being controlled, etc, etc.In fact it's just the opposite – it gives you back control so that you can decide what you're going to do and how you’re going to feel and look.


I strongly recommend anyone who wants to change their life to see Julie and give it a go!

Tom of Otley


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