Tracy of Huddersfield


"I first started looking at different ways to lose weight last year so I could fit into my little black dress at Christmas. Christmas came and went and I was still getting bigger, now up to 12 stone 4 lb. I’d tried various diets, but found them difficult to follow, as I am quite a faddy eater – I didn’t like vegetables at all! I snacked all the time, on biscuits, crisps chocolate and cake. I drank nearly a litre of diet coke a day, and realised that this had to stop, but how?


I saw Julie’s website and read it a few times. It took me until May to contact her. I kept thinking this could never work. At my first session, we talked about what I did, what I liked and disliked, then I was hypnotised. While that was happening I remember thinking, this is never going to work, as I could hear everything Julie said, and my mind kept wandering to other things. At one point I had to tell myself to concentrate and listen to what Julie was saying. Then I was aware of Julie counting backwards and when she said open your eyes, I suddenly realised I had been hypnotised!


I went home and that night I went to the supermarket. Did the usual shop, or what I thought was a usual one, got home and started to unpack. I realised then and there, I had bought no biscuits, or my usual cream slices, and I had bought more fruit than I usually do. After I put the shopping away I used to sit down have a cup of tea and eat the 2 cream slices I had bought. I had my cup of tea, and didn't even miss not having my cream slices. I simply didn't want them. That night I watched TV without the biscuit tin on my lap, but I didn't feel like I wanted one and I didn't feel deprived like you do when you diet.


This continued but I was still eating crisps, but not on the same scale as I was. I mentioned this to Julie at my next session. We worked on this, and by the time I got home, I just didn't want crisps, I could have them if I wanted them, because they were there in my cupboard, but I just didn't.


I now drink lots of water, and I don't drink diet coke at all in fact coke tastes quite strange now and I can’t imagine why I ever drank it before. Instead of picking vegetables out of a meal, I eat them without even realising it, it’s only when someone else comments that, for example, I have eaten peppers in a stir fry that I realise I do like them. Through the hypnotherapy and using a technique Julie taught me to use at home I now eat peppers, red onions raw in salads and cooked onions, carrots and broccoli!


Julie has really helped me to cut back on the things that are no good for me, and put me on the right road to healthy eating. 


I started to lose a steady 1 to 2 lb between each session, and by the time I went on holiday I was 11stone. My goal is to be 8 stone 7lb by the end of the year, so this Christmas I can wear that little black dress!!!"




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