Umnani Nock

Umnani stopped smoking with me nine years ago and came back to see me last year for weight management. She left me this 5 star review on Facebook in April 2016:

Last year I came back to Julie for help with weight management. I'd looked at other, cheaper places but just didn't feel comfortable with the services they were offering, most claimed to help you with "A virtual gastric band" & that didn't feel right for me.

Julie looks at the root cause of the problem, works with you to set realistic, achievable, healthy goals and helps you change your attitude & behaviour towards food. There's no restriction or deprivation, no food is out of bounds & you never feel like you're missing out. I love my food & get so excited about my meals but the food I crave is healthy, my portion size has halved & I rarely bother with snacks or chocolates & biscuits.

I've steadily lost weight over the last 6 months and am now 5lb off my target weight, I feel healthier, fitter & more confident than I have in years. Cost me a fortune though, I've dropped a dress size & had to buy a whole new wardrobe!

Here is a link to Umnani's Stop Smoking testimonial:


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