Wendy Blackburn

Wendy Blackburn from Huddersfield saw Julie for weight loss during the summer of 2009:


Dear Julie

Just a note to thank you for helping me to lose weight. I have tried every diet going in the past without lasting success and always feeling deprived of the foods I loved.

Since having your course of hypnotherapy I have lost in 8 weeks a stone and I am still losing at a steady 1 to 2lb a week. Not once have I felt I was on a diet or felt deprived of cakes and chocolate as I have not wanted them. To me this is great as I have a very slow metabolism. Another bonus is that I don't want to snack in between meals as I don't get hunger pangs.

I would recommend anyone trying to lose weight to have your course. It will be the best gift they can give themselves. Not only will it make getting to the dress size they want easier, but they will feel so much better in their selves and their health will improve as well as their confidence.

Thank you again for the gift you gave me that helped me to attain what I thought for me was impossible.




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