Wendy Townsend

Wendy Townsend from Halifax is 51 and works full time in a management role in a company in Leeds. She required a knee replacement so exercise was limited. She was shocked when she eventually went for surgery to find how much her weight had actually increased and was determined to sort herself out.


Dear Julie


In the past two months I have lost 13lbs and am well on the way to my target weight of 12 stone.


When I first came to you I was eating quite healthily – except for the extra snacks!A regular cereal bar, chocolate and daily packet of crisps had pushed my weight up to nearly 15 stone!The regular gin and tonic and glasses of wine wasn’t helping either.I was also drinking coffee by the gallon!


After just one session I had cut out the snacks completely and started walking regularly and using my wii for extra exercise. I’d recommend this to anyone. I’m quite competitive so the balance games and aerobics are fun – and I use the yoga too.


In between the second and third sessions we went to Edinburgh for a short break and all the time I was there I ate healthily, chose wisely and did lots of walking so I didn’t put on any weight.


We still eat out, I still have an occasional desert and I don’t feel as though I’m dieting.I am not snacking after dinner.I have cut right down on the coffee and I have had one bag of crisps in two months and didn’t really enjoy them!I am eating healthily and only have a G & T at the weekends instead of every night.


I really feel as though I am back in control. Thank you.


Wendy Townsend


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